Product Design Lead

United Technologies Digital, New York

UT Digital serves customers in the commercial aerospace, defense, and building industries.

United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is a leader in the commercial aerospace, defense, and building industries. From elevators in the Burj Kalifa to life support systems in the International Space Station, our companies' products touch more than half of the world’s population every day, keeping people safe in challenging environments and comfortable and secure at home.​


UT Digital partners with UTC’s businesses on vital challenges. A global team of 2500 creates software that makes UTC’s products and services more useful and relevant to the people who rely on them. As part of UT Digital, the newly formed, Brooklyn-based Digital Accelerator is home to a collective of product designers, engineers, and data scientists that are shaping the future of building systems, cities and aerospace.


The Digital Accelerator is seeking highly skilled design and technology practitioners that can wrangle the complex challenges at the heart of UTC’s businesses and leaders that can help our group grow. We engage with an array of sophisticated user experience and business domains, from industrial IoT and analytics that power smart products, factories and cities, to connected customer experiences that transform how products are manufactured, used and serviced.


If you are passionate about building things that matter, come work with us in Dumbo.




We are seeking a Product Design Lead to drive the creation of next-generation of UTC applications, products and services. Your work is smart, empathetic, useful and beautiful. You are self-aware, collaborative and comfortable with complexity, systemic and organizational alike. Your hands-on leadership and design skills will drive what’s possible for your team and the products you help create.


Responsibilities include:

  • Driving and managing all detailed visual design activities and outputs for a given product development effort; e.g., presentations, high-fidelity visual designs, styleguides and other design system assets
  • Closely collaborating with customers, business stakeholders and your project team (e.g., product managers, project managers, strategists, researchers, product designers, data scientists and developers)
  • Working with business leads, interaction designers and product managers to define and prioritize features and structure supporting design work
  • Connecting the needs of users and business stakeholders; representing customer and user perspectives in all aspects of the experience design
  • Driving team alignment around a design vision and effectively collaborating to bring it to life
  • Guiding internal and external team members through the iterative development of designs, from early concepts to detailed product designs
  • Leading the presentation of design work to various internal and external business stakeholders
  • Helping define research needs that inform the tangible, experiential aspects of a product
  • Participating in primary and secondary research activities; collaborating in the ingestion, interpretation and visualization of research findings
  • Mentoring more junior designers; helping develop their problem-solving skills and design sensibilities
  • Designing with a systems mindset; setting the stage for the use of, and contribution to, design systems leveraged across various products and UTC businesses

About United Technologies Digital

United Technologies Digital blends creative design, development, and discovery to advance industrial technology solutions for moving the world forward. A strategic arm of United Technologies, one of the largest building and aerospace researchers and manufacturers.

United Technologies Digital is opening a Digital Accelerator in Brooklyn that will help create the future of industry. They are recruiting professionals in UX Design, Product Management, Data Science, Software Development and much more. They will join thousands of United Technologies colleagues from around the world.

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