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The ValiMail Story DMARC Is Effective and Ubiquitous but Difficult to Implement. That’s Where ValiMail Comes in. ValiMail’s mission is simple yet transformational – to bring trust back to email. Our founders have been in the security and infrastructure field since the late 1990’s and friends since the mid-2000’s. They wondered why email still had no mechanism to address its original sin, which is the inability to authenticate the sender of an email. The credit card world has the same dynamic, which it solved through a globally accepted authentication process. Before you can buy from a merchant, your credit card must be validated as active, sufficient in funds, and not reported as stolen. So why couldn’t email have something similar? Fortunately, in 2012 the email ecosystem (including Gmail, Outlook, Y! Mail, AOL mail, and more) settled on a global email authentication standard, known as DMARC. The problem? Over 70% of all DMARC implementations are not fully realized, making them ineffectual against phishing attacks. Our founders decided that would not do. With their background in high availability and deep infrastructure, they set about developing a service to leverage DMARC into an end to end solution for companies large and small. It would “automagically” fix the frustrating aspects of full DMARC implementation at a price that most businesses could afford. That would bring back trust to email globally.

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