Staff Software Engineer, Platform Core Engineering

Venmo, Chicago, IL

Simple and fun way to send and receive money between friends

About Us 

Venmo was founded on the principles of breaking down the intimidating barriers around financial transactions to make them intuitive, friendly, and even fun. And it worked: people love sending money with Venmo, and we’re growing by leaps and bounds!  

But we’re only just getting started. We want to take that magic of sending money with Venmo and cascade it into every place where people use money. That means connecting people to their money in the most intuitive and fun way possible, then connecting people with each other. Users already love Venmo, but we know there are lots of things we haven’t thought of to make the experience of using Venmo even more delightful and valuable. All that’s going to take a lot of figuring out. Let’s figure it out together!  

Engineering at Venmo  

At Venmo, we are creating a product that people love. We strive to create a delightful user experience while connecting the world and empowering people through payments. We are looking for intellectually curious people who want to be inspired and inspire others to change the world. Engineering is a craft, and at Venmo we want the internals of our software to be as elegant as the end user experience we are designing. We spend our days scaling our infrastructure and building new features to meet and exceed our user’s needs and wants. We teach and learn from one another, and push each other to be at our creative and analytical bests. 

Platform Core Engineering  

As a Staff Software Engineer in Platform Core Engineering team at Venmo, you will be responsible for designing and building some of the most critical, highly-leveraged services and libraries within the company. You are excited by the prospect of designing and building the platform common services that power Venmo’s experiences and capabilities.  

What You’ll Do  

  • Design, implement and operate Venmo common backend services that power our experiences and capabilities. 
  • Develop libraries for use across our services that are secure and degrade gracefully. 
  • Standardize tool sets to cloud native solutions. 
  • Break down monolithic backend systems down to distributed scalable, resilient services/systems.
  • Be responsible for solving the hardest scaling challenges across Venmo backend systems. 
  • Scale our distributed services architecture to support growth while maintaining performance and reliability 
  • Collaborate with other engineers in software design and development best practices to significantly drive faster iteration and experimentation 
  • Strong, active advocacy for technical standards and quality across PayPal, Inc. 
  • Continuously improve platform operations: automating service operation processes, optimizing developer workflows, re-designing platform services and best practices for greater scalability, etc.  
  • Interface with the product and other functional teams and their leadership to deliver new features and services against the product roadmap. 

What We’re Looking For  

  • Bachelors and/or Masters in computer science, or a related field of study, or equivalent experience 
  • 5+ years of experience in software development or a related field  
  • Proficiency with distributed services and backend systems 
  • Expertise with building services on public cloud – AWS, GCP, Azure 
  • Experience in designing and developing fault-tolerant and scalable distributed services and systems  
  • Strong application security consciousness 
  • Proficiency with one object-oriented/object function scripting language: Python, Java, C++, Scala, etc  
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to understand and explain technical issues to a non-technical audience  

About Venmo

Venmo was founded in 2009 by two former college roommates who wanted a better way to pay each other back. What started off as a simple SMS platform to send and receive money has evolved into a social payments app allowing people to split bills, pay each other back for rent, and make purchases at approved merchants - all the while making these life stories more fun and less awkward. Venmo is owned by PayPal.

At Venmo, we're working to build a payment experience that's simple, delightful, and connected. Fueled by an abundance of snacks, locally sourced cold brew, and each other, our team solves exciting new challenges every day. Venmo's mission is to change people's relationships with money and each other. And it's working - people love using Venmo but we're not done yet. We want the magic of sending money with Venmo to be in every place you use it. There's still much more to do!

Want to learn more about Venmo? Visit Venmo's website.