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Empowering Entrepreneurs to Succeed in Travel

Are you ready to take the next step in your career and start a company within a company? We are looking for passionate people with in-depth tourist industry knowledge in the organisation of trips for young adults (age 20 to 35). Please read this indepth article, how we define a Ventura Intrapreneur

Ventura TRAVEL was founded to empower intrapreneurs to build up leading niche travel brands, focused on authentic and responsible travel experiences. We are strongly committed to sustainable tourism principles, to mitigate the environmental and cultural footprint of tourism. As a holding enterprise for other tourism companies and through our head office in Berlin, Germany, we take care of all the across company and international issues concerning all our subsidiary brands. All our brands actively live and share our core values to contribute to a business for the good cause.


Your responsibilities

  • Develop & execute the concept for a brand targeting Halal Travelers within the Ventura TRAVEL group
  • Find local, touristic partners and providers, that will give our travelers a unique experience
  • Design trips for Halal Travelers, that will delight our customers
  • Together with IT coordinate an amazing homepage 
  • Write, publish and administrate content on the homepage
  • Communicate your needs to Marketing to ensure the max. support  from the Marketing team
  • Consult the clients to address their needs before and after the trip
  • Once the idea is proven to work, assemble your own team that will enable a sustainable growth

We are looking for a person…

  • with 3+years of experience in tour operation and/or touristic product management
  • who is fun to be around. Your future colleagues will enjoy working with you
  • who prefers a Fair & Sustainable approach
  • with the ability to focus on few priorities and is able to say "no" to things
  • with great communication skills, both internally and externally
  • with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • who is ambitious & loves challenges
  • with great self organisation skills
  • who has a proven record of finishing projects successfully
  • with good English skills, as it's our company language

What we offer as an employer

  • Working in a fun, central office in hip Berlin Kreuzkölln or a location of your choice
  • Working with a motivated, professional & international team
  • Guaranteed different and challenging tasks every day
  • Constant possibilities to grow further within our company
  • Flexibility with regard to place of work and working hours and possibility to work temporarily from other offices in the ventura network around the world
  • Colleagues who are a lot more than just co-workers
  • Competitive salary consisting of a base salary and participation of margin & revenue growth of the new brand
  • Participation in the overall company's profits (including the success of other Venturas)
  • Work that makes sense and inspires customers
  • Goodies like massages, lunch and sport activities in the office
  • 28 days of paid vacation
  • Quarterly social days and Team Events 
  • Yearly 3-week-offsite, if we achieve our goals

What we offer to ensure success in the this travel niche

Right from the start you have support form our IT experts, you have access to our back-end software, you will get a new shiny, responsive, well designed website adapted to your needs, you will have the support of the worlds best (and most fun) finance team; and you will work hand in hand with Andre, the CEO of Ventura, who will make sure you get all the resources and support you need to succeed. Find more info about the idea and birth of ventura TRAVEL here

To sum up what we can offer:

  • the worlds best (at least according to us) software for trip management and sales
  • a creative Marketing team who ensures, you receive traffic to your website from day 1
  • a well organised IT team, that will create an amazingly looking website for you within a few weeks
  • a fantastic Finance Team, that will support you funding the company and will take the burden of financial matters such as ensuring payment of all providers, etc.

What to do next?

The application process for this "position" is quite different from normal applications.

1. We ask you to send us your contact details, your CV and a very brief summary of your idea by submitting the application form below
2. We (our Success Facilitator Susana and our CEO Andre) take a look at your application, if it's convincing to us, Susana will schedule an initial, short interview with you.
3. We then ask you to provide us with a Business Canvas, that shows us in a more detailed way, how you would approach succeeding in with trips for singles.
4. You will have a Video Interview with Andre, where we get to know each other on a personal level and can get lots of questions answered.
5. We guide you on how to write a finance plan and ask you to fill out a finance plan for starting the new brand.
6. You will have a personal interview with Andre in Berlin to really get into all the details of the possible endeavor.
7. A new brand will be born. 

Confidentiality: Applications at Ventura TRAVEL are treated with strict confidentiality. We use a professional HR-Software which only grants access to your applications to HR and the Recruiting Manager. 

About Ventura TRAVEL

About Ventura TRAVEL Ventura TRAVEL is a group of specialized brands offering high quality trips in different touristic niches. As part of our organization, we have diverse brands, some of which have been successfully operating in the tourism field for more than 15 years. Currently we have viventura, a leading tour operator specialized in South America and puraventura, a new venture specialized in Central America. In the future the perspective is to add other destinations to our network. Our calling is to be a parent enterprise for intrepreneurial business ideas. Ventura TRAVEL was established to support tourism intrepreneurs through investments and help them develop the best products and value for money in their niche market. viventura is highly specialized in South America tours, while puraventura concentrates on Central America only. By operating independently within the Ventura TRAVEL network, they act as global benchmarks in their own specific market.

Want to learn more about Ventura TRAVEL? Visit Ventura TRAVEL's website.