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At viventura, we have a passion for South America.  We want our customers to experience real South America, in an unforgettable way. We are looking for someone, who will lead viventura's 40 people team, work together with central Ventura departments such as Marketing, IT & Finance and ensure the healthy growth of the company.

In your role, you’ll have a big impact, not just on the lives of your team members, but on the thousands of travelers who travel to South America and the communities we visit. 

We are looking for an experienced leader, with a strong passion for travel in South America & determination to keep viventura on its successful journey.

Viventura has offices in Quito, Cuzco, La Paz and in Berlin, Germany. As the Executive Director of viventura, your primary location is, however, negotiable. We are an equal opportunity employer, meaning that we welcome applications from all over the world (South Americans, Germans, French etc.) 

Your responsibilities

  • Lead a team of 40 people within viventura
  • Strategic Decision making, Product Development, Sales, Purchase, Provider Management, Tour Guides & Flights
  • Team Player, who will successfully work with Ventura's central departments such as Marketing, IT, Design, Data, HR, CSR & Finance.
  • Ensure that viventura continues to  have a strong, sustainable growth
  • Delight our customers by giving them unforgettable moments on their trips in South America
  • Ensure that we keep & develop the greatest people in the industry and hire the best talents
  • Help other new brands within Ventura TRAVEL to succeed


We are looking for a person…

  • Who has a great passion for South America
  • Who genuinely believes in Responsible Tourism
  • Who is strongly motivated by going the extra mile for our customers
  • With an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Who has  5+ year experience in leading teams
  • Who is ambitious & loves challenges
  • Who is fun to be around. Your future colleagues will enjoy working with you
  • With great communication skills, both internally and externally
  • Who speaks fluent Spanish
  • Who is flexible &  can work and visit our different viventura office locations regularly
  • Who is curious and never stops questioning

Additionally, the following characteristics are a big plus

  • 3+ years of experience in tour operation
  • Speaks German or French


What we offer as an employer

  • A position that has positive impact on thousand of people traveling to South America and on Responsible Travel in South America in general
  • Working with a highly motivated, professional & international team
  • Guaranteed different & challenging tasks every day
  • Flexibility with regard to place of work and working hours and possibility to work from different offices
  • Competitive salary
  • Participation in the overall company's profits
  • Work that makes sense and inspires customers
  • Goodies like massages, lunch and sport activities in the office
  • paid vacation (amount of days depends on office location)
  • Quarterly social days and Team Events
  • Yearly Offsite, if we achieve our goals


What we offer to ensure your success

From day 1 you will receive training from different departments within the company, so you quickly can understand our company culture, the software we use, our way of communicating, our products & existing processes. 

You will work hand in hand with Ventura TRAVEL’s CEO Andre, so you have maximum support and resources from the central departments of Ventura TRAVEL.


What is the process for this application?

  1. Apply through the form below in English (your CV and Cover Letter should be in English
  2. We take a look at your application, if it's convincing to us, Amal will schedule an initial, short screening interview with you
  3. You will have an in depth Video Interview with Andre
  4. You will have another Video Interview with a viventura member
  5. The final interview days are in Berlin (we will cover the costs for your trip). On that day you’ll be talking to many stakeholders of the company
  6. You receive a job offer

Confidentiality: Applications at Ventura TRAVEL are treated with strict confidentiality. We use a professional HR-Software which only grants access to your applications to HR and the Recruiting Manager.

About Ventura TRAVEL

About Ventura TRAVEL Ventura TRAVEL is a group of specialized brands offering high quality trips in different touristic niches. As part of our organization, we have diverse brands, some of which have been successfully operating in the tourism field for more than 15 years. Currently we have viventura, a leading tour operator specialized in South America and puraventura, a new venture specialized in Central America. In the future the perspective is to add other destinations to our network. Our calling is to be a parent enterprise for intrepreneurial business ideas. Ventura TRAVEL was established to support tourism intrepreneurs through investments and help them develop the best products and value for money in their niche market. viventura is highly specialized in South America tours, while puraventura concentrates on Central America only. By operating independently within the Ventura TRAVEL network, they act as global benchmarks in their own specific market.

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