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viventura is Germany’s leading tour operator specialized in eco-friendly sustainable round trips to Peru and other South American countries. Choosing local providers, respecting cultures, people and nature we offer innovative, high quality tours for fair prices. Our main office is in La Paz, Bolivia, we also have a Sales office in Berlin and our aim is to unite responsible tourism and authentic travel experiences in the countries our clients visit. We at viventura enjoy working in a growing company where everybody shares and lives our vision and personally contributes to our success in better environmental practices.

We are experts in South America and want to become the world reference for sustainable tourism in this Sub-Continent. We know how to handle operations, we have skilled marketing, IT and finance teams that allow us to expand into new markets. What we are looking for is your country, sales and marketing expertise.


Who we’re looking for:

  • Have you worked as product, sales or marketing manager for any leading tour operator that sells trips to Chinese travellers to South America?
  • Can you prove deep market and competitors knowledge about China travellers?
  • Have you traveled extensively through South America, so you really know the continent?
  • Can you prove success as a project leader?
  • Do you have excellent communications skills?
  • Do you love challenges and a stay positive also in stressfull times?

 ​You will be responsible for opening a new market, which implies:

  • China-fy viventura, meaning viventura will be able to sell great trips specially developed for Chinese travellers
  • Designing the best product for each potential market segment you prioritize
  • Giving input and approving the marketing strategy
  • Sales and customer support (you need to prove quickly that the products you designed are a success)
  • Once you know that your products have demand, the next step is to grow, which implies that you will become a team manager and you will have a team of sales and product people working for you. 

What we offer:  

  • Growth with your market: Your responsibilities and earnings would evolve with your market development
  • Staff your own team: As your market grows you would need more and more people, so you are free to decide when and who to hire
  • Learn from your peers: you will be able to learn a lot from our market leaders (Germany, France)
  • Behave as an entrepreneur: Your market is your baby. You will feel that viventura's CEO is your coach rather than your boss

If  you can identify which what you have just read we are looking forward to receiving your CV and application. 

Confidentiality: Applications at VenturaTRAVEL are treated with strict confidentiality. We use a professional HR-Software which only grants access to your applications to HR and the Recruiting Manager. 

About Ventura TRAVEL

About Ventura TRAVEL Ventura TRAVEL is a group of specialized brands offering high quality trips in different touristic niches. As part of our organization, we have diverse brands, some of which have been successfully operating in the tourism field for more than 15 years. Currently we have viventura, a leading tour operator specialized in South America and puraventura, a new venture specialized in Central America. In the future the perspective is to add other destinations to our network. Our calling is to be a parent enterprise for intrepreneurial business ideas. Ventura TRAVEL was established to support tourism intrepreneurs through investments and help them develop the best products and value for money in their niche market. viventura is highly specialized in South America tours, while puraventura concentrates on Central America only. By operating independently within the Ventura TRAVEL network, they act as global benchmarks in their own specific market.

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