Director of OTT Engineering

Vimeo, New York, NY

High-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos

Are you a creative and experienced engineering leader that can lead Vimeo's OTT development team? Are you passionate about solving complex and interesting problems in the video technology space? Are you obsessed with scale, performance, and building beautiful products? Do you seek a casual workplace that’s serious about making great products and a healthy work/life balance? If so, we’re looking for you!

Do you have deep knowledge and experience in Ruby, cloud technologies like AWS & Heroku, RoR application architecture, and you can talk through recent builds in-depth, including devops processes then read the below to see if you can accomplish these goals


  • Within 30 days: you’ll have built a solid understanding of the stack (RoR backed by PostgresDB hosted on Heroku, planning to migrate to AWS) and you’ll understand how to upgrade the infrastructure. You’ll be refactoring existing product functionality that unblocks developers while satisfying business value
  • By the end of 90 days: you’ll have hired at least 1 person, and you’ll have built a spec for what the next version of the API will look like. You’ll be thinking about what the future of the stack will look like, and you’ll be working with other department heads to determine how OTT will further integrate with the Vimeo stack
  • 6 months to a year: you’ll be integrating live video into the product using Vimeo’s custom encoders, you’ll be working on a bring your own payment system, and you’ll be migrating from Heroku to AWS. You’ll be iterating a devops process and thinking about QA automation
  • Long term, we think about the best ways to productize our features so as to engage new customers with our white label publication solutions


  • Lead a team of 10 engineers as we iterate our product, scale our platform and develop our API to serve thousands of clients and further leverage the technology and talent across the rest of Vimeo
  • Develop, hire and enable talented engineers and managers
  • Lead technology, delivery, innovation, and business impact of the engineering team
  • Partner closely with our leadership team across product, design & business development and communicate your team’s product vision and achievements cross-functionally
  • Work with your team to develop and steward a long-term technology roadmap
  • Provide context, support and guidance as our team builds a scalable technology solution— you will inspire, not just direct

About us:

Vimeo empowers video creators to tell exceptional stories and connect with their audiences and communities. Home to more than 60 million members in over 150 countries, Vimeo is the world’s largest ad-free open video platform and provides powerful tools to host, share and sell videos in the highest quality possible. Founded in 2004 and based in New York City, Vimeo is an operating business of IAC (NASDAQ: IAC). Learn more at www.vimeo.com.

Our OTT team builds a white label subscription video on demand product that allows content creators to publish their work on every major platform, console, and device. Just a few engineering challenges include: handling payments across multiple platforms, optimizing video delivery and transcoding, iterating on our API to serve a growing number of app platforms and clients.

About Vimeo

Vimeo is the quality, open video platform for creative people around the world. Vimeo was founded in 2004 by filmmakers who wanted a fun, easy, uncluttered way to share their work and moments from their lives. We remain true to that mission by continually striving to help people with a wide range of passions share the things they create and care about. In everything we build for creators and their audiences, our goal is simple: make life worth watching. 

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