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Vineti provides a digital “platform of record” for individualized therapies. Our technology makes the rapidly growing field of personalized therapies simpler, safer, and more accessible for patients, clinicians, and therapy developers. We help enable the delivery of transformative therapies for cancer and serious genetic disorders. Producing and delivering a new generation of personalized medicines such as CAR-T cell therapy at mass scale is a complex and risky challenge. Other types of personalized therapies, such as donor-based allogeneic therapies or personalized cancer vaccines, present their own challenges in terms of patient matching, data and sample tracking, and ultimately returning the right therapy to the right patient. In all of these types of individualized therapies, patients are part of the foundational material for the medicine. This new ecosystem of patient-based therapies offers huge promise — and new challenges in terms of quality, tracking, and safely. Vineti wants to help open up patient access to all these therapies, as well as others to come. Vineti is the first cloud-based platform specifically built to safely, simply, and efficiently move patient-based personalized therapies into mainstream medicine at scale. Our technology brings the best of enterprise software to next-gen pharmaceutical science – configurable, cloud-based, secure, scalable. We provide state-of-the art tracing and traceability and enable ecosystem integrations to align and orchestrate all aspects of the patient’s therapy journey. Founded by GE Ventures and the Mayo Clinic, the Vineti team is a hybrid of experts in user-centric, regulated enterprise software and analytics development, as well as commercial therapeutics development and manufacturing. Uniting all of us is a belief that we are transitioning from one-size-fits-all medicine to individualized therapies as the standard of care. We want to help get more therapies to more patients. Together with our leading pharmaceutical partners, we are doing just that with our independent Vineti solution. What’s the thinking behind our name? Vineti is an ancient term of wisdom that invokes the idea of progress by removing obstacles and guiding towards a goal.

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