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Volta is a nationwide network of electric vehicle charging stations that partners with brands to sponsor free charging for all EV drivers. Volta’s innovative infrastructure is leading the way for the future needs of mobility. Volta creates new ways for brands to reach highly coveted audiences in high traffic locations and for real estate owners, including shopping malls, grocery store and local retailers, to attract new customers who stay longer. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in San Francisco, Volta provides a valuable community amenity in markets across the U.S. helping brands meet consumers at the optimal moment of purchase decision. To learn more visit www.voltacharging.com.

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AI and Data Engineering

Algorithm Engineer

Montreal, Québec

Lead Backend Engineer

Montreal, Québec

Operations Engineer

Montreal, Québec

Lead Frontend Engineer

Montreal, Québec

Algorithm Engineer

Montreal, Québec

Business Operations

Corporate Strategy & Development

Data and Insights

Network Operations

Network Planning

Data Curator

San Francisco, CA

Office of the CEO

Product Design

Product Marketing

Sales Operations

Sales Enablement Manager

San Francisco, CA

Supply Chain