Senior Product Designer

Wealthfront, Palo Alto, CA

Plan your future and invest your money with an automated advisor

Wealthfront’s vision
We are building a digital-only financial hub that works to improve financial outcomes for our clients, so they can spend less time managing their money, and more time doing the things they love. We envision a future where we automatically and intelligently route a client’s paycheck to take care of their day-to-day expenses, emergency fund, savings for financial goals, and long-term security. This is an audacious and inspiring vision we call Self-Driving Money™.  

Design at Wealthfront
Unlike many companies where designers are trained to make incremental changes and work through a chain of hierarchy to advocate for bold new ideas, designers at Wealthfront are expected to be innovative, creative and strategic, because design is critical to realizing our vision. Designers are expected to define problems, new opportunities and solutions that are deeply rooted in human psychology and behavior as well as a sound understanding of our technology and business, all in very tight collaboration with engineers, product managers, researchers and data scientists. In an environment where we’re making big bets, and innovation is encouraged, we embrace failure and care much more about the magnitude of success versus percentage of times we are successful. And unlike many organizations, design is an equal partner to engineering and product and plays an important role in the executive staff that collectively make all critical strategic decisions. 

About the role
You will start on the Banking team, which is responsible for building a premiere banking service that sits at the center of our product, making our customers' financial lives, and day-to-day money management, more convenient and delightful. We’re building a service where people don't have to do extra work to earn more on their money, moving money is fast and intuitive, and their paycheck is automatically routed into the optimal accounts based on their goals and preferences. As a senior product designer on the Banking team, you’ll partner with the product managers, engineers, data scientists, and design lead to drive new products and features to reimagine banking. 

We're open to this role being remote if we find an ideal fit.


  • Partner with product manager to clearly define opportunities, articulate the end-to-end vision of products and features, and execute highly crafted designs
  • Lead multiple design projects across different product development lifecycles
  • Partner with cross-functional team to contribute to team strategy, metrics, and roadmap
  • Collaborate with other product and brand designers to share feedback and elevate our overall design quality 
  • Collaborate with our research team to identify opportunities and improve your work


  • 3+ years of experience in a product design role in a highly collaborative environment 
  • Experience working across the product development lifecycle and successfully shipping products
  • Experience turning complex problems into simple and engaging customer experiences for web and mobile
  • Demonstrated ability to plan, manage, and drive projects from beginning to end
  • Experience with using data to inform design decisions
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

About Wealthfront

Our mission at Wealthfront is pretty simple: we believe that everyone deserves access to sophisticated financial advice. Over the past five years, Wealthfront has built a technology company focused on re-architecting the finance industry. Some might call us ‘robo-advisor’, but we promise we’re made up of humans. Our world-class research team develops sophisticated and time-tested investment strategies, and our product and engineering teams build the software that enables us to deliver them automatically and at scale, right to your phone.

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