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Our mission at Wealthfront is pretty simple: we believe that everyone deserves access to sophisticated financial advice. Over the past five years, Wealthfront has built a technology company focused on re-architecting the finance industry. Some might call us ‘robo-advisor’, but we promise we’re made up of humans. Our world-class research team develops sophisticated and time-tested investment strategies, and our product and engineering teams build the software that enables us to deliver them automatically and at scale, right to your phone.

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Current Job Openings at Wealthfront

Brokerage - Operations

Data Science and Research

Senior Data Analyst

Palo Alto, CA


Senior User Researcher

Palo Alto, CA (Open to US-based Remote)


IT Auditor

Palo Alto, CA

Staff Data Engineer

Palo Alto, CA

General + Administrative


Executive Creative Director

Palo Alto, CA (Open to US-based Remote)

Product Management


Recruiting Manager

Palo Alto, CA