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Make a life, not just a living.


In just 8 years, WeWork has grown into a global community, transforming people's workplaces into beautiful, inspiring environments. And that commitment to building the best workplaces in the world extends to their own employees. WeWork is driven by their mission: Create Your Life's Work. 

And that mission is paying off. WeWork's real estate portfolio covers more than 14 million square feet; they have more than 220,000 members and 234 locations (and counting).

If you're ready to change people's lives, take a look at the wide variety of roles they're hiring for.  

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The Perks

Office Environment

Fresh fruit water and barista service are just the start - WeWork locations include beautiful spaces, quiet rooms, happy plants, and more.

Health and Wellness

They have world-class insurance and wellness programs covering yoga, kickboxing, meditation and more.

Annual Retreats

The entire company participates in Summit and Summer Camp annually, paddle-boarding and roller coasters included.

Values Driven

Living and working with intent is what’s most important and it's in every aspect of the company.

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