Database Engineer

Wish, San Francisco, United States

Mobile commerce platform

Keeping the database running on world's biggest mobile eCommerce platforms is no easy job, but that's what DBAs are for. We’ve used MongoDB as our primary database from day 1 and we’re running one of the world’s largest MongoDB clusters (>400 nodes).

Take responsibility for our MongoDB deployment and keep us on the cutting-edge. A very small team (5 people) is responsible for managing our entire production stack, so we rely heavily on building tools to automate our work.

We’re looking for a senior DBA that can take the lead on scaling and managing our cluster. Day-to-day, you’ll use Python and Chef to build and test the tools needed to keep growing the DB to the next level.

Our engineers move extremely fast, solving unique and challenging problems. Our team is small and nimble. We release every day, iterating quickly to maximize impact. With our fluid teams, each engineer has the opportunity to work on all areas of the technology stack. Engineers fully own their features, from product spec to database to client.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • A love of databases. You’ve managed big DBs before and understand what it takes to keep them growing. You’re not just an expert in 1 platform, you’ve got a pretty good understanding of the whole landscape. Ideally, you’re intimately familiar with MongoDB.
  • You relentlessly automate. You understand how to build tools to solve your problems faster & more reliably. You’re always thinking about how to make your processes scale and how to avoid being a bottlenecking, without compromising on safety.
  • You love computers & hard drives, too. Running a database requires an intimate understanding of the computing environment it runs in. You’ve got plenty of war stories about how deep into the stack you had to go to solve a problem.
Company Description

Wish is transforming the way the world shops by offering a convenient and personalized mobile shopping experience. Our mission is to offer an unlimited selection of affordable quality goods to be accessible for everyone on a global scale. Wish selectively brings together world-class talent with a passion for connecting relevant products to the global population.

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About Wish

Wish is the leading mobile commerce platform in North America and Europe. Our mission is to give everyone access to the most affordable, convenient, and effective shopping mall in the world. By leveraging a competitive global supply chain of direct suppliers and avoiding retail costs we are offering anyone with a smartphone access to tens of millions of affordable goods. By making Wish available on smartphones we are putting this digital shopping mall directly in the pockets of tens of millions of consumers.

Want to learn more about Wish? Visit https://www.wish.com/