Quantitative Analyst

Wish, San Francisco, United States

Mobile commerce platform

At Wish, data is central to the company and our users. For merchants, we offer data tools and dashboards that display performance metrics. For users, we offer metadata around products, such as ratings and shipping estimates, that allow them to make an informed purchase decision. Internally, we use data to help guide internal decisions.

We're looking for data scientists with both strong coding and statistics backgrounds to help us build and iterate on data driven products.

What You'll Do

  • Improve the shipping estimator, which predicts arrival times of orders for Wish users
  • Predict shipping backlogs
  • Identify good and bad products with respect to shipping quality and refunds
  • Model the causal link between shipping quality and repurchase rates

Who You Are:

  • Computer Science/Math/Statistics degree from a top university
  • Fluency in SQL/Python
  • Strong coding skills and statistics fundamentals
  • Regression Modeling/Forecasting
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Experimental Design
  • Experience in big data systems (MPP/Hadoop stack/Spark/Druid)
Company Description:

Wish, it’s a digital mall, right in your pocket! Using our cutting edge recommendation system, we create a personalized shopping experience for each of our users. It’s a digital mall, right in your pocket!

Wish was launched in November 2011 and already has over 200 million registered users, making it one of the top 5 mobile shopping applications. 

About Wish

Wish is the leading mobile commerce platform in North America and Europe. Our mission is to give everyone access to the most affordable, convenient, and effective shopping mall in the world. By leveraging a competitive global supply chain of direct suppliers and avoiding retail costs we are offering anyone with a smartphone access to tens of millions of affordable goods. By making Wish available on smartphones we are putting this digital shopping mall directly in the pockets of tens of millions of consumers.

Want to learn more about Wish? Visit https://www.wish.com/