Data Engineer

Wizeline, Guadalajara, Mexico

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What you’ll work on:

We are looking for Senior Data Engineers to drive the architectural design, implementation plan, best practices, and testing plans for projects involving terabytes of data, which will serve as the foundation for advanced analytics and machine learning tasks to be performed by data scientists on top of that infrastructure.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Design and implement data platforms for large-scale, high performance and scalable requirements, integrating data from several data sources, managing structured and unstructured data while melding existing warehouse structures.
  • Analyze, diagnose and identify bottlenecks in data workflows.
  • Identify and evaluate current data management technologies.
  • Create, in collaboration with business analysts, business models and develop distributed data solutions.
  • Participate in demos to clients as well as requirements elicitation and translation to systems requirements (functional and nonfunctional).
  • Constantly monitor, refine and report on the performance of data management systems.

Required Skills:

  • Strong General Programming Skills:
    • Solid engineering foundations (good coding practices, good architectural design skills)
    • Solid experience with Python. If not proficient in Python, we expect the candidate to be proficient in other languages and prove their ability to learn new ones very quickly.
  • Proficiency designing and implementing ETL (Extract, Transform, load) processes, dealing with big volumes of data (terabytes of data which required distributed processing)
  • Strong experience working with SQL in advanced scenarios that require heavy optimization
  • Solid Experience with Apache Spark
  • Experience with AWS (S3/EC2/EMR/Athena) or equivalent cloud technologies
  • Understanding of concepts like HDFS/YARN architecture, MapReduce, CAP theorem, high performance analytics, Batch/NRT solutions, etc.
  • Advanced English level.

Nice to have, but not required:

  • Experience with NoSQL databases such as Apache HBase, MongoDB or Cassandra.
  • Experience with Elasticsearch.

Our Vision and Mission

Make a Difference in Our Community: At Wizeline we work hard and we work smart to make an impact for worldwide customers and the tech ecosystem in our community.

Wizeline democratizes technology and innovation: Wizeline is a talent and software as a service company for application design and development. We help enterprises develop and release intelligent software solutions.We tear down barriers to bring Silicon Valley opportunities and practices to people around the world. Anyone can innovate with Wizeline.

About Wizeline

Wizeline was founded on 2014 to help companies get better products to market faster by using data to algorithmically prioritize features in product roadmaps. In time, we also found that it was important to also provide teams of engineers to fast-track the development of new technologies and products. Today, Wizeline is over 300 employees worldwide and we work with companies like Nike, Dow Jones, Dover, 21st Century Fox and many more to develop and deliver innovative products.

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