Senior Data Engineer

Wombat Security Technologies, Pittsburgh

Change Behavior. Reduce Risk.

Company Overview
At Proofpoint, we have a passion for protecting people, data, and brands from today’s advanced threats and compliance risks. We hire the best people in the business to: Build and enhance our proven security platform; blend innovation and speed in a constantly evolving cloud architecture; analyze new threats and offer deep insight through data-driven intel; collaborate with customers to help solve their toughest security challenges.

We are singularly devoted to helping our customers protect what matters most. That’s why we’re a leader in next-generation cybersecurity—and why more than half of the Fortune 100 trust us as a security partner.

We are seeking a Senior Data Engineer to join our growing team in Pittsburgh. If you've ever wanted to work for an innovative software company, in great environment with great people, this is your chance. We’re a security software-as-a-service company so you’ll be involved both in our day-to-day software development as well as getting exposure to our security efforts.

Q: Ok. Who are you?
A: We’re comprised of some really smart white hat security hackers, researchers from CMU, software developers and lot of hard working and friendly faces. We also really like data. We really value creating an inclusive, transparent, empathetic, and communicative culture.

Q: What would I be working on?
A: You know all those data breaches you hear about in the news? Most of them started when a bad guy targeted an employee with a phishing attack.  Our customers are mostly large enterprise organizations that are under attack by some pretty nasty bad guys. They use our platform to deliver security education to their employees and figure out who needs extra help. Your job will be to make our customers' experience of reporting on the results of their security awareness program as wonderful as possible.

Q: Can you tell me a little more about your product?
A: Sure, we have several different ways that we can deliver security training to end users as well as several different ways to assess their security knowledge. One of the really fun ways we test the user is thinking like the bad guys. We send the end users a simulated phishing message. If they fall for it (they click our link, open our attachment, etc.), we show them training right away. It's an unconventional approach to changing user behavior and it works (hint: we have data). Proofpoint is in a growing space to say the least. If you ever wanted to learn more about cyber security and cutting-edge attacks, this is the place to do it. You’ll get to help simulate evil, figure out how to fight evil, and give our customers data that they can use to protect their organization.

Your day to day

  • Perform development tasks related to delivering Qlik Sense applications, including design, implementation, testing and deployment
  • Comfortable with defining/implementing application and database architectures
  • Work with Product Managers and Quality Engineers to ensure the delivery of great, high-quality features
  • Investigate, prototype and recommend new technologies and solutions

What you bring to the team

  • BS/BA in a software related field or incredible experience that makes us not care about a degree.
  • 2+ years’ experience of Qlik Sense development (or a combination of Qlik Sense and QlikView experience).
  • You should have solid experience developing within Qlik Sense (or potentially QlikView). Preferably 2-4 years of experience in both native and mashup environments.
  • The ability to diagnose and address performance bottlenecks in Qlik.
  • You should possess an intermediate to advanced knowledge of SQL in either PostgreSQL or MySQL environments (or both). For instance, what are the different kinds of JOINs and when would you use each? What is a window function and why would you use one? What's a CTE? What are some features that are available in MySQL that aren't available in PostgreSQL or vice versa.
  • Have exposure to either MySQL or PostgreSQL environments, preferably MySQL 5.7 and PostgreSQL 10.
  • At least an intermediate understanding of a HA Qlik deployment. For instance, what's the difference between a central node and a proxy node? How would you begin setting up such an environment or communicating with DevOps around the requirements for such an environment?
  • Experience in data modeling for both relational and analytical systems. What's the difference between 3NF and a star schema? When would it be appropriate to use one kind of model versus another? What are some of the kinds of slowly changing dimensions? In Qlik specifically, how do you approach creating a data model for high performance?
  • Experience with additional BI applications such as PowerBI and Logi. Have you ever created reports or visualizations for an end user using one of these applications (or others)?
  • Familiarity with AWS is a plus, especially including a subset of the following services: RDS, EC2, S3, Data Pipeline, SNS, Kinesis, Lambda, DynamoDB, EMR, Redshift, and Elasticsearch.
  • Comfort in working across multiple operating systems, including macOS and Windows.
  • Comfortable with Git for version control.
  • Can work independently and thrives with autonomy.
Why Proofpoint 

As a customer focused and driven-to-win organization with leading edge products, there are many exciting reasons to join the Proofpoint team. We believe in hiring the best the brightest and cultivating a culture of collaboration and appreciation. As we continue to grow and expand globally, we understand that hiring the right people and treating them well is key to our success! We are a multi-national company with locations in 10 countries, with each location contributing to Proofpoint’s amazing culture!

About Wombat Security Technologies

Wombat Security, a division of Proofpoint, provides SaaS-based information security awareness and training software to help organizations teach their employees secure behavior. Recognized as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in North America, we are headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA and have offices in Denver, CO and London, UK — as well as global network of partner organizations. In March 2018, Wombat was acquired by Proofpoint, Inc., a leading cybersecurity company. Today, we are helping Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 customers in industry segments such as finance, technology, banking, higher education, retail, and consumer packaged goods to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses. Our Security Education Platform includes integrated knowledge assessments, a library of simulated attacks, and interactive training modules, which have been proven to reduce successful phishing attacks and malware infections by up to 90%.

Wombat Security Technologies

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