Manager, Performance Engineering

Workfront, Lehi, Utah, US

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As a member of the Engineering team at Workfront, you will be responsible for leading, mentoring and growing Software Engineers, Quality Engineers, and building highly-effective Software Engineering teams within an Agile environment. Your primary goal will be to drive your team to turn concept into reality and ensure consistent delivery of high-quality, scalable, innovative software to Workfront’s Work Automation Cloud Platform that delights our customers and provides the fantastic experience expected in achieving their business objectives.

As a Manager, Performance Engineering you are a dynamic leader who drives the quality of our product and our Performance Testing Engineers to new heights each and every day.  You will work closely with Engineering Teams and Product Management to drive the right behaviors on quality into our processes from the beginning.  You will be responsible for Quality Engineering craftsmanship and best practices on your team, drive improvements as necessary and most importantly, grow and mentor other engineers to be just as awesome as you are.

A Typical Day in Your World:

  • Meet with your team to ensure that their path for success is clear, and that we’re instilling and exhibiting the right behaviors to ensure consistent, high-quality delivery.
  • Work with other engineering managers and leaders to ensure we are meeting our quality commitments to our customers of quality features and timely issue resolution
  • Mentor, coach, and assist team members to be productive and efficient contributors to the quality and success of Workfront’s Knowledge Worker Automation Could
  • Ensure the quality craftsmanship of all software engineers is an ingrained behavior and that we’re always ensuring our code not only works as advertised, but will continue to work when thousands upon thousands of people are utilizing it at the same time.
  • Lead discussions with your team about what emerging tools, technologies, and processes are coming that may impact how our organization grows and evolves.  Create proposals and gain buy-in to the creation and modification of our processes and technology roadmaps in your designated area.
  • Participate in interviews to find the next great engineer or leader at Workfront, convincing them that Workfront has the best software jobs on the planet.
  • Have an awesome lunch with your team because we’re nailing it.
  • At the end of a release, as the rest of the company is validating that, in fact, you and your team are nailing it, take some time to do some research, train in a new technology or even play a game – em, we mean participate in a team building exercise – with your team.

To Land This Job You’ll Need:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering (or equivalent) or equivalent experience.
  • 7+ years in software engineering with 2+ years of recent experience leading quality engineers, preferably with knowledge of technologies/languages/tools in the Workfront stack (Java, React, AWS, Docker, etc.).
  • Demonstrate an advanced knowledge of software engineering practices, craftsmanship, metrics, quality and testing procedures, process creation and enablement.
  • Established track record of being the go-to guy for your teams, spearheading or injecting yourself in necessary discussions to ensure you’re always in the loop and your teams always have what they need to be successful.
  • Experience optimizing software processes to ensure teams are always running efficiently and constantly striving to improve.
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to communicate details about the technical practices in software engineering in a way that makes sense and resonates with our customers and other departments in the business.
  • Ability to adjust and adapt to changing situations in stride, communicating effectively to achieve buy-in and minimizing downstream effect on performance and morale.
  • Show that you have the ability and desire to mentor others to improve their capabilities in all areas above.

Now, Blow Our Minds:

  • Have unique experience in building software test strategies and practices for micro-service architectures, real-time or massively distributed systems, big data, analytics or AI, or public cloud/PaaS systems like AWS.
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills that effectively translates “the language of QA” to anyone in the organization, from engineers to sales people and the CEO.
  • Convince us that you have successfully led measurable and, preferably, dramatic improvements in the quality engineering practices and execution within software teams and that you have the passion and drive to do it again.
  • Show that you are a person who, not only solves problems but anticipates them, and moves quickly to provide solutions without needing to be asked.
  • Share stories about your leadership and how you got your teams to not only believe they could achieve more than they thought possible, but they actually did it.



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