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The customer journey starts with a question, and every day consumers search for answers about brands. However, they are increasingly served false or misleading information from sources other than the brand. Yext, the Search Experience Cloud company, exists to help brands regain and maintain a direct relationship with their customers. With a mission to provide perfect answers everywhere, Yext puts businesses in control of their facts online by delivering brand verified answers straight from the source — wherever their customers are searching. Companies like Taco Bell, Marriott, Jaguar-Land Rover, and thousands of businesses around the world use Yext to take back control of the customer journey, starting on their own website.

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(171) Sales Development Mgmt and Ops

(174) User Experience & Design

Product Designer

Washington, D.C.

Product Designer

New York, NY

(175) Product Marketing

(176) Business Development

(177) Platform

Technical Writer

New York, NY

Software Engineer

New York, NY

(179) IT Security & Compliance

(181) Growth Marketing

(182) Business Marketing

(22) Technology Operations

(23) Finance

Manager, Payroll

New York, NY

(24) FP&A

Manager, FP&A

New York, NY

(26) Staffing

Principal Recruiter, Finance & IT

New York, NY, Chicago, IL, Salt Lake City, UT, Miami, FL,...

Senior Recruiter, Customer Success

New York, NY, Chicago, IL, Salt Lake City, UT, Miami, FL,...

(28) IT Operations

Senior IT Engineer

Hyderabad, India

(46) Commercial Business Sales

(47) Commercial Business Service

(5) Enterprise Sales

Director, Enterprise Sales

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Director, Enterprise Sales

Toronto, ON, Canada

(50) Infrastructure

(57) Enterprise Sales Engineering

Sales Engineer

San Francisco, CA

Sales Engineer

New York, NY

Sales Engineer

Los Angeles, CA

Sales Engineer

Austin, TX

Sales Engineer

Chicago, IL

Sales Engineer

Dallas, TX

(70) Enterprise Sales Mgmt

(9) Partner Service