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About the Organization: Firefish are Human Strategy Partners to some of the world’s biggest brands, making sense of real life and putting it at the heart of their decision-making. We help businesses innovate, communicate and grow across our Centers of Excellence – Brand Strategy, Brand Communication, Cultural Insight, Innovation, and Customer Experience – by looking at things from new angles and in new ways. We call this Unconventional Thinking. We take this approach as we feel the conventional approach to research is no longer enough. The world is more complex than ever, and the need for fresh insight and transformational thinking is greater than ever. We believe that only by looking at things from different angles, talking to different people, using different approaches and different frameworks of thinking, will you get fresh insights and breakthrough thinking to give clients the confidence and power to move forward.

We are a diverse team of brand consultants, entrepreneurs, cultural anthropologists and social psychologists with a passion for helping clients transform their businesses. We want the stories we tell about the work we do to be as clear, impactful, and insightful as the work itself. Firefish was founded in 2000 and has 70+ employees with offices in London and New York.

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