Bike Mechanic

Zagster, Glendale, CA

We're on a mission to make biking the most loved form of transportation.

Zagster is the fastest-growing bike share provider in North America. With industry-leading technology and an innovative operations model, our mission is to make the bicycle the most loved form of transportation.


We’re looking to hire a professional bicycle mechanic with a passion for growing the riding community in Glendale, CA, and we are in need of someone to take care of any mechanical issues with our bikes within these areas.

This is an independent contractor role, and we offer premium rates for maintenance per bicycle.

This role's primary responsibility will be to perform maintenance and repairs on Zagster bicycles in a secure operations space. All bicycles will be transported from their racks to this operations space for service. You would be involved during the launch process assembling bikes and then be responsible for the state of the fleet going forward.

Duties and Responsibilities

- Assist in the assembly, quality control, and deployment of bicycles as they're built
- Perform routine maintenance and on-demand repairs on all bikes in the fleet
- Maintain a sense of ownership over the bikes in the fleet and their condition


- Basic set of bike tools, and repair experience, ideally including a mobile repair stand and some space to store and work on bikes indoors, as well as ability to do some repairs on site/outdoors. Not necessarily looking for a master mechanic with every tool, but we need someone who can do quality, safe, repeatable work, and hold themselves to a high standard without close supervision.
- Ability to lift and transport several 40 pound bikes depending on need.
- Ability to use a smartphone and camera to communicate over phone calls, text, email.

Work habits:
- Ability to keep oneself accountable to a set of goals, and schedule themselves accordingly.
- Strong communication skills, willingness to communicate status updates and context.
- Flexibility to work with varying schedules and workloads.
- Detail focused and good judgement/common sense, able to make some decisions on one's own without full information.
- Able to think critically about what we in Boston might need or want to know about the system, not just answering our questions and responding to our requests.
- Able to be a professional and friendly public face for Zagster while out and about.

About Zagster

About us Zagster is the North American leader in bike sharing, powering more than half a million trips and counting. We're headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with additional offices in San Francisco and Philadelphia. Our staff of transportation experts and passionate cyclists is dedicated to making bike sharing viable for everyone in every community.


Want to learn more about Zagster? Visit Zagster's website.