Firmware Engineer

Zoox, Foster City, CA

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Zoox is looking for an embedded software engineer to join the Advanced Hardware Engineering team at Zoox. You will be involved in a wide variety of coding at all levels of the embedded software stack, including drivers, middleware, libraries, and applications. You will often be the first person to bring up custom hardware and integrating it with the Zoox software stack.

This involves both writing code running 'bare-metal' as well as code running on Linux. As an embedded software engineer, you should be passionate about developing production-quality code and designing a product that meets the high safety requirements needed for autonomous driving. You will be interfacing closely with the electrical, mechanical and optical engineers designing the hardware, as well as the perception team for the evaluation of sensors and the core team for writing and bringing up hardware drivers.


  •  BS / MS in Electrical Engineering or similar degree with 2-5 years of relevant experience.
  •  Strong background in C / C++ programming for embedded Linux or micro-controllers
  •  Deep understanding of Linux, the device tree and U-Boot
  •  Experience using measurement equipment such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, and logic analyzers to debug code
  •  Experience with low level interfaces such as I2C, SPI, CAN, RS232
  •  Willingness to trace bugs to their source, wherever in the system that may end up being
  •  Be able to perform evaluations of alternative components, providing hard data in the form of plots and tables to allow for quantitative decisions leading to product improvements
  •  Be able to efficiently collaborate with team members to achieve project goals, and contribute positively to the engineering community environment.

Bonus Qualifications

  •  Experience implementing safety critical, high reliability, or fault tolerant software
  •  Familiarity with unit testing, integration testing, regression testing, HIL testing
  •  Experience with ARM and PowerPC a plus
  •  Experience working with FPGAs
  •  Familiarity with plotting tools such as Gnuplot, Matplotlib, etc.
  •  Bash shell scripting

Zoox is a robotics company developing fully-autonomous vehicles and the supporting ecosystem required to bring this technology to market. Sitting at the intersection of robotics, machine-learning, and design, Zoox aims to provide the next generation of mobility-as-a-service in urban environments. We believe the transition to self-driving vehicles requires a combination of elegant vision and uncompromising execution.

A Final Note:
You do not need to match every listed expectation to apply for this position. Here at Zoox, we know that diverse perspectives foster the innovation we need to be successful, and we are committed to building a team that encompasses a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and skills.

About Zoox

About us Zoox is a Menlo Park, CA-based robotics company founded by Tim Kentley-Klay and Dr. Jesse Levinson to create autonomous mobility. Operating at the intersection of design, computer science, and electro-mechanical engineering, Zoox is a multidisciplinary team working to imagine and build an advanced mobility experience that will support the future needs of urban mobility for both people and the environment.


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