Vice President Product Manager

PEAK6 - Irvine, CA

Redefining what it means to be an investment firm PEAK6

Job Description

We are looking for a technical, entrepreneurial-minded executive to lead a small, but intense group of product visionaries to help us create solutions that modernize the traditional financial services industry. Your team will envision, roadmap, and execute on delivering technologies and solutions that will simplify and automate clearing, custody, books, and records processing for the financial services marketplace alongside experienced technologists and industry SMEs. 

The role is for someone who is customer-obsessed and keen on applying modern technology to replace monolithic and hard-to-access incumbent systems. Along the way you will learn about the problem space and reimagine existing solutions.  You will define, sell, and communicate the product vision; document and prioritize requirements; drive alignment around product initiatives; produce go-to-market plans; and execute with high-performing teams.

This leader must come with a deep and strong background in systems and processes used to perform clearing, custody, and core books and records processing for wide class of financial instruments.

This is an opportunity to join a fast-paced team with the urgency of a startup and expertise of an established company. We are a flat organization which will afford you the ability to gain access to personnel and resources necessary to execute on your product vision. PEAK6 is a privately-held organization focused on delivering long-term value rather than short-term gains. This translates to a focus on bringing solutions to the problems that bedevil an industry rather than bespoke products. Due to the space we innovate in, your products will process billions of transactions per day, in real-time, and power both startup and established industry participants.

You will report to the CEO while working closely with engineering and the rest of the organization.






About PEAK6

The PEAK6 Difference Located in the historic Chicago Board of Trade Building, PEAK6 is redefining what it means to be an investment firm. We’re driven to see solutions others don’t—and capitalize on opportunities others miss. We operate with a focused, entrepreneurial drive and push ourselves to think differently. This ambitious, visionary approach has helped us become the diverse range of successful businesses we are today, which include investments and businesses across a range of industries. Founded on a great idea PEAK6 Investments, L.P. was created from the same ambitious, entrepreneurial culture that thrives in the firm today. Co-founders Matt Hulsizer and Jenny Just started their careers at O’Connor and Associates — a Chicago-based options trading firm with a particular specialty, and emphasis, on financial derivatives. In 1992, the firm was acquired by Swiss Bank Corporation. After the acquisition, Swiss Bank decided to head in a new direction. Entrepreneurs at heart, Matt and Jenny wanted to bring a different vision to life and decided to launch their own firm. And in 1997, PEAK6 Investments was launched. PEAK6 Investments became one of the first firms to develop sophisticated, proprietary technology, which more efficiently manages risk in the options market. This disciplined focus on risk management and technology has helped us achieve significant success in managing risk and making markets. From this singular focus, the firm continued to innovate, growing PEAK6 into a diverse group of thriving, successful businesses that now span many areas of the financial services sector. Why the name “PEAK6”? Not surprisingly, the story behind the PEAK6 name began in the mountains. Matt was in Breckenridge, Colorado and inspiration struck. He recalled someone once telling him it takes 6 peaks to make a mountain range. He was drawn to this notion of peaks and how they can stand alone and/or work together to form something even more powerful. This perfectly represented the vision for the new firm. And with that, the PEAK6 name took hold. Interestingly, the peak that Matt used as inspiration for our name so many years ago opened to the public in 2013. They named it Peak6. And no — we had nothing to do with it. It’s just fate working its magic.