Negotiating Salary & Benefits

Join Uncubed for a virtual panel where we help you understand the art of negotiating.
We’ll be discussing salary, benefits, and stock options on
Wednesday, April 18, from 7-8PM EDT.


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Bie Aweh

Photo of Jeremy Buentello

Bie Aweh graduated from University of New Hampshire with degrees in Political Science and Women Studies. She earned her Masters in Public Policy from UMass Boston, and a Masters in Education from UMass Amherst. Since then, she’s been helping students in a variety of roles – she was Chanelle’s Resident Director at Cal, she founded HBCUvc, worked as a Career Developer at Dev Bootcamp, and today she is a part of the Learning and Development team at uBiome.

Jeremy Buentello

Photo of Bie Aweh

Jeremy Buentello graduated from University of Austin Texas and has been dedicated to a career in recruiting ever since. He began his career at IBM, where he found himself at their many different offices, including Shanghai for a bit, but today you can find him at Google as the Staffing Lead for Google Hardware. Having 15+ years of recruiting experience, Jeremy will share advice on the best way to negotiate for your raise or starting salary at your next job.

Chanelle Davis

Photo of Chanelle

Chanelle Davis is the Community Manager at Uncubed. Having been an RA in her last year at Cal (that’s UC Berkeley for my non-Californians), she really enjoyed being a guide and resource for peers and is utilizing her platform here at Uncubed to continue to be of service to students.

Maybe it’s unreasonable to ask for an additional 20k salary at that 10 person company, but there are other perks you might not be aware you can ask for. We’ll discuss how to pitch an appropriate ask, and what options you may have at your upcoming dream job.


Join Uncubed for a panel about the art of negotiating before you sign on!
Wednesday, April 18 from 7-8PM EDT.


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