Think you can visually recreate this or something better? 



In the spirit of “thinking outside the box”, Uncubed is hosting our FIRST ever Aspiring Event Designer challenge!

The Designer will be responsible for transforming 34,000 SF of raw space into an interactive, engaging, and “instagram worthy” space for our 5th annual NYC Uncubed conference!  

NYC Uncubed is the largest tech talent event of its kind, annually attracting 70+ companies and 1000+ attendees. This is an amazing paid opportunity to put your work in front of companies like Snap, Pinterest, IBM and many more, and set the atmosphere and ambiance for the venue.

This is a PAID opportunity! The designer will receive $1,500 for their work, and up to $4,500 toward event production-related costs.  


The Task:


  • Oversee the design and production of the event space for the NYC Uncubed “Job Fair” at Industry City in Brooklyn. This includes but is not limited to: Budget, Event Builds, Vendor selection, Transportation, Graphic Design, Interactive Technology, Production staffing
  • Develop and design the creative for the functional design of event space (e.g. printed collateral–signage, event maps, etc.)
  • Work with Uncubed’s Events and Operations teams to design décor elements that meet safety standards, can be produced efficiently, and can be installed and removed safely and on time.
  • Work with Uncubed’s Events and Operations to develop an on-site installation plan
  • Generate all final decor files for production
  • Oversee the decor installation on-site.
  • Manage the full build and atmosphere/ambiance of venue (see below). This will include technical drawings, design briefs, illustrator drawings, and elevations


The Challenge:

  • Event is 2 months away
  • Onsite Time is Constrained for Installation Set-up
  • Must stay within the $4,500 budget


Video To Help You Along The Way:

Good Design Makes For Great Events Part 1 & 2



NYC Uncubed is not your typical job fair. Pass themes include: 

NYC Past, Present, and Future

Under Construction

Old School Video Game Themes

Spring: Dog, Flowers, and Boat Show


The Space 

Industry City

The Factory Floor: 14,000 SF First Floor & 22,000 SF Second Floor


Keep In Mind: Companies and Sponsors booth and activation space will take up 70% of the space.  


If you have previous design experience and the creativity and drive to bring your visions to life, apply here.


The last day to apply is Wednesday, September 20th