NYC Uncubed, Company Logistics

Read to succeed: See below to make sure NYC Uncubed is fully optimized for your company on October 18th.

Questions or want to chat? You can reach out to [email protected]


Schedule, Rep Policy, Food & Drink

Tuesday, September 13th

To show up at the right place at the right time, with food waiting for you, read and save this doc.



  1. Want to serve booze or food? You must fill this out ASAP: https://goo.gl/QKGiwW
  2. Want more rep passes? It’s a long, dark story, but we don’t allow swaps (more on that later). But you can score a free pass by referring 3 companies to us here: https://goo.gl/t9AvOK. You can also purchase additional passes here: http://company.uncubed.com

Exec Lounge & Event App

Tuesday, September 21st


  1. Sign up one of your exec’s for the Exec Breakfast: https://goo.gl/BMs75y
  2. Fill out this form ASAP to be featured in the event app: https://goo.gl/ZyQq9k

HR Breakfast & Earn A Free Rep Pass

Tuesday, October 4th


1. Join Us For Breakfast

RSVP to have breakfast with us! We’re having a private breakfast before the event to cover best practices and to connect around topics in the recruiting world.


2. Earn a Free Rep Pass

Share your attendance by 10/7 on 2+ social media channels to earn a rep ticket. Here’s how it works.


3. The Exec Breakfast at NYC Uncubed

Sign up your exec to the Exec Breakfast at NYC Uncubed. It’s a chance to meet a curated (and experienced) group of attendees before the event kicks off. Even better, it’s free!

Video & Exec Details

Tuesday, October 11th

Please take a moment to watch this short video, compiling the most important pre-event logistical items. Some items may require your immediate attention.
Q. Can non-executive leadership attend the exec breakfast?
A. YES. Any member of senior level or higher (director of product, senior engineer, senior marketing manager) is welcome to attend the exec breakfast.

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