LA Uncubed

Here’s how to claim your pass to LA Uncubed…

(1) Follow this link: https://launcubedapp.splashthat.com and enter the email address that you registered with. (Hint: it’s the address that we’re sending this email to.)

(2) In the top righthand corner click the button that says “Purchase Ticket.”

(3) Select whether you’d like to purchase your Main Event Pass only (2 – 6:30 PM), or the Combo Pass that also provides access to the Skills Track (10 AM – 2 PM).

(4) Once you’ve selected your pass, you’ll have the option to enter a discount code. You might have received one from an organization you belong to, a Meetup group, your alumni group or school, etc. If so, here’s where to enter it.

(5) Click “Submit.” and fill out the rest of your info.