The Uncubed FAQ

So, what exactly is Uncubed?


Uncubed is the most creative, full day, gathering of hiring startups and talented minds in tech, design and business. We’ve decided to turn the idea of a traditional job fair on it’s head by creating an experience where you can fully immerse yourself in the thriving startup scene. Think recruiting fair meets tech conference meets circus.


Can you break down the day for me?


Let us walk you through it. Join us bright and early (with a coffee and a donut) as you learn from industry leaders in our morning Edge Live classes. Hear about the challenges these companies are facing and how they’re solving them, learn the full success stories from Founders, and pick up tips/tricks for making your mark in the scene.


When the afternoon rolls around, head into The Field, i.e. the portion of the event where you can shake hands with the teams behind a curated group of exciting (and hiring) companies. With interactive company showcases (we’re talking everything from beer pong to tailgating to dog-petting), music, live art, and an open bar, we’re hoping to facilitate genuine connections over genuine fun.


Finish off the day with an Uncubed Happy Hour where you can continue to network with fellow Uncubed attendees and company representatives.


Is Uncubed for me?


Uncubed is for the job-seeker, the career-transitioner, and the startup enthusiast. If you take a scroll through any of our company career pages and see your dream job, odds are you should be joining us! Not looking for your next gig? Our Edge Live classes are the place for you to discover and learn from these awesome companies we’ve been raving about.


Uncubed is not for outside recruitment, soliciting, or business networking. Anyone engaged in these actions will be removed without a refund. We kindly ask that you respect our policy and the wishes of participating company recruiters.


What do I wear / bring? Do I come hungry? Can I leave and come back…help!?


There is no dress code for Uncubed. Wear what you feel most comfortable in.


We suggest you bring hard copies of your resume with you. Depending on the company, they may request a copy, ask you to apply online, invite you into the office the next day – you name it!


Light snacks will be provided by our local product partners. Looking for something more substantial? Location is everything and we’ve made sure to choose a venue spot with a plethora of surrounding restaurants.


Speaking of which…re-entry is allowed! Come and go as you please.


What’s the Executive Lounge?


The Executive Lounge is a private, invitation-only area at the event for highly experienced, registered attendees to chat one-on-one wit Founders & C-Levels from our attending Uncubed companies.


We carefully look through each and every resume to find a diverse group of experienced professionals in tech, design, product, and business. We notify you prior to the event if you’ve been accepted and give you detailed instructions on where to go, who will be there, and what to expect!