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We work with universities around the U.S., Canada, and Europe to connect students with startups through events, startup tours, conferences, thought leadership calls, editorial, job boards, and more.

Learn more about some of our programs and initiatives below.

University Partners

We work with many of the nation’s most innovative and respected universities. A few include:

Uncubed Conferences

We produce the Uncubed conference series – high-energy and creative gatherings of thought leaders, high-calibre talent, and industry-changing companies (all of which are hiring). These conferences connect job- and internship-seekers with a highly curated lineup of some of the most exciting and successful companies around the world.

Upcoming Events

Startup Tours

Uncubed's Startup Tours offer students and alumni a look behind-the-scenes at the culture and careers of today’s most innovative companies. We curate the startups you’ll visit, work with them to develop content and “curriculum” for your tour, coordinate the most effective route, and guide you throughout the day. Speakers include founders, recruiters, developers, product managers, and more.

Tour Testimonials

  • Samantha Baum, ’14

    I liked all the companies because I feel that I was able to see different start-ups in a variety of phases. From a three person student company to 200+, 500+ person companies. This gave me a good sense of the range of opportunities.

  • Nick Gould, ’16

    I loved the culture that these companies had. They had structure but it was relaxed as well. I liked how employees are actually valued instead of being considered just another worker. Their offices were also amazing as well.

  • Daniel Willson, ’16

    I know probably a dozen people (myself included) that now are at least talking with these companies about potential internships for next summer. 

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