“Uncubed” Jobs for the Week of Nov 24, 2014

Hi all,
Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so if you’re still looking for something to break the wishbone over – like a meaningful career at an exciting company, perhaps? – here are 12 uncubed companies that are looking to hire interns and entry-level candidates…
Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving,
– Brian & The Uncubed Team

Los Angeles

Jobs @ ChowNow, Dollar Shave Club, FreedomPop
* Why fill up on job opportunities later when you can ChowNow? This food-tech crew is looking for a Marketing Coordinator, Sales Associate, Hardware Assistant, and Analytics Intern – for you number-crunching foodies out there.

* Dollar Shave Club wants a Member Services Associate and an Associate Designer. If you grow facial hair, we suggest a good trim or shave before meeting the team.

* And lastly, FreedomPop is looking for a Social Media Intern, Email Customer Service Rep, and Inbound Sales Rep (among other roles).
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San Francisco

Jobs @ Evernote, StumbleUpon, Pantheon
* Never forget that Evernote’s got internships aplenty, from Product Design to Engineering to QA, as well as some “New Graduate” openings.

* StumbleUpon is hoping to stumble upon an intern to help with their research and recommendations, along with a Front-End Developer.

* And Pantheon is seeking an Associate Technical Content Editor (among other roles) to aid with their mission of “building a bad-ass platform that will run 30% of the internet.”
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Jobs @ kCura, Braintree, TrunkClub
kCura’s e-discovery apps make investigations and litigation easier. Our own investigation revealed that they’re hiring an Accounting Intern for Summer 2015, an Administrative Assistant, a Marketing Specialist (Event Planning), and lots more.

* The online payment gurus at Braintree (acquired by PayPal) are hiring for interns across Fraud Risk, Marketing, Operations Data Analysis, Product Design, Software Engineering, and Underwriting. As for full-time roles? You’ll need to “carry the one.”

* And men’s clothing service TrunkClub is expanding the outfit quite a bit, seeking everything from Sales Interns, Analysts, and Support Associates to Software Engineering Interns, Fitters & Sewers, Member Experience Associates, and more.
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New York City

Jobs @ Dataminr, FieldLens, Maker’s Row
* Twitter is a gold mine, and Dataminr digs like none other, transforming the public stream into actionable alerts. Here’s an actionable alert: they’re hiring for two intern roles and a full-time Junior Designer.

* The construction jobsite communication innovators at FieldLens are building big – seeking seven interns across engineering, biz dev, design, and marketing analytics.

* And Maker’s Row, the online marketplace connecting American manufacturers and product-based businesses, is seeking a Data & Research Intern with a passion for tech, small business, and manufacturing.
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