For Companies: Early Professional Hiring

Be the top choice for diverse, accomplished early professionals.

Finalist is a private network of accomplished technology & data students from state, public and diversity-focused institutions.

Get started today with our simple, straight forward credit system.

University Recruiting with Uncubed

Uncubed offers a 100% digital solution for efficient and effective early professional hiring.


Diverse, accomplished students & recent grads

Curated by technology.
Matched by humans.

Using innovative technology and a diverse, proprietary talent network, Uncubed matches employers with accomplished students and recent grads.

Sourcing diverse candidates from state and public institutions from across the country, Uncubed ensures that employers are matched with extraordinary candidates that align with their needs.

Employers are also supported by Uncubed's industry expertise, highly-trained staff and responsive (human) support.


Relationships with over 700 colleges and universities

Expand your reach beyond target schools (and Ivy).

With a history of integrated relationships across hundreds of schools, the Uncubed team doesn't rely on relationships with just school career centers.

Instead, we've developed relationships with administrators, professors, deans, student orgs and any campus leader eager to deliver unique career resources and job opportunities to their students.

The result is a network of accomplished, diverse students that wouldn't otherwise find their way into your pipeline.

World-class employer branding solutions

Increase your mojo

Uncubed's history of attracting talent through unique storytelling has attracted the world's biggest brands to leverage Uncubed's creative team to create game-changing employer brand content.

Learn more about Uncubed Studios.

How it works


Uncubed packages up the opportunity and promotes it directly to our commuinity and through our network of University partners. For added impact, leverage Uncubed Studios.


Curation & Match

Uncubed's technology helps our team curate ony the most relevant candidates. Uncubed humans dive deeper to match candidates that meet your specific hiring needs.



Candidates enter your dashboard in real time to await your approval. Approved candidates advance to complete the application process and a candidate credit is redeemed.


Simple, transparent pricing.

A flat annual fee based on the size of your company + a variable credit-redemption system for candidate acceptance that scales up or down based on your hiring needs.


$2,500 / annual

For teams <500 employees

  • Dedicated promotional page
  • Expert copyediting
  • Candidate dashboard
  • Two accounts


$7,500 / annual

For teams 500+ employees

  • Dedicated promotional page
  • Expert copyediting
  • Candidate dashboard
  • Two accounts

Starting at:


Credits are redeemed when you approve a candidate for interview.

Tip: When purchasing candidate credits, we recommend taking your desired offers and multiply by 10. For instance, if you’d like to make 10 offers, we recommend buying 100 credits.

Looking for hundreds of hires and/or very specific requirements?
Contact us to learn about custom pricing options.

Add ons (less transparent pricing)

Contact us to learn about custom pricing options.

Candidate Screen

Uncubed's recruiting team can provide extra screening to ensure all curated applicants move directly into the interview process.

Campus Branding

Dedicated marketing campaigns that reach hundreds of our university partners.

Additional Criteria

Choose this if you need to meet additional criteria beyond the job description.

Rush Service

Need candidates immediately? Our rush service prioritizes your needs and gets you top candidates quicker.

Have questions? Send us an email or chat with us live.