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7 Ways to Create Great Brand Editorial

Video Sections (total time: 12 minutes)

Meet Stacie
The Evolution of BarkPost
Is There an Audience
Getting it Out There
Building a Strong Bark
2m 15s
Sell Lightly
1m 02s
Keep Up a Calendar
1m 28s
Be Early, But Don't Chase Fads
2m 46s
Build Trust
2m 24s

7 Ways to Create Great Brand Editorial

Stacie Grissom, Editor-in-Chief at BarkBox

BarkPost began as the lead-generating blog for BarkBox before it grew into what it is today—an editorial arm of the company, complete with it's own profits and losses.

In this class, Stacie Grissom, Editor-in-Chief, explains the top 7 things BarkPost did to grow so rapidly—and how you can do the same.

12 min watch · Marketing

About BarkBox

There are 80 million dogs in the US. Not all of them have their own BarkBox subscriptions…yet. But you can help. BarkBox is hiring, and employees get a spot in their sunny new office and health insurance for employee and pup (no joke).

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