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How to Acquire Users Through Influencer Marketing

Video Sections (total time: 12 minutes)

The BarkBox Approach to Growth
1m 00s
Why Traditional Affiliate Marketing Didn't Work
1m 08s
The Rise of Animal Celebrities
1m 24s
Building an Influencer Program
Platform Specific Challenges
Influencer Campaigns
1m 16s
Example: Pit Bulls of Instagram
1m 14s
Example: Jax on Vine
Example: Tune Melts My Heart
Example: Shelter Partnership on Facebook
3m 00s

How to Acquire Users Through Influencer Marketing

Rob Schutz, Head of User Acquisition Marketing at BarkBox

Almost no dog-loving internet user is exempt from the influence of BarkBox. Every month, Instagram, Facebook, and Vine explode with pictures and videos of pups enjoying the spoils of their freshly delivered box—and promoting the subscription service

For their part, the BarkBox team saw untapped potential of celebrity dogs on social—pups that had hundreds of thousands of dedicated followers, many of whom were already subscribers.

Being early to the space was a big opportunity but presented unique challenges. In this class, Head of User Acquisition Marketing, Rob Schutz explains how, and why, BarkBox built their influencer marketing program. 

12 min watch · Marketing

About BarkBox

There are 80 million dogs in the US. Not all of them have their own BarkBox subscriptions…yet. But you can help. BarkBox is hiring, and employees get a spot in their sunny new office and health insurance for employee and pup (no joke).

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Director of Internal Audit

New York, NY, Seattle, WA

FP&A Manager

New York, NY

Staff Accountant

New York, NY

Logistics & Supply Chain Operations

Head of Fulfillment, Marketplaces

Seattle, WA; Columbus, OH; New York, NY

Supply Chain Manager

Seattle, WA; Columbus, OH; New York, NY



Information Security Manager

New York, NY; Seattle, WA

Lead Technical Recruiter

New York, NY; Seattle, WA; Columbus, OH


Lead IOS Engineer

New York, NY, Seattle, WA

Automated QA Engineer

New York, NY / Seattle, WA / Remote

Lead Product Manager, Native Apps

New York, NY, Seattle, WA, Remote

Senior Product Designer (UI/UX)

New York, NY, Seattle, WA, Remote

Machine Learning Engineer

New York, NY or Seattle, WA

Ruby on Rails Developer, BARK Eats

New York, NY or Seattle, WA

Software Engineer

New York, NY