Using Chatbots as Your Personal Assistant

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Why use a ChatBot?
Show us the code!
Configuring your Dockerfile
2m 27s
Stitching it all together
1m 50s
Commanding the Bot
1m 33s
Can I use this for personal stuff too?
1m 41s
Hubot x StackOverflow
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Using Chatbots as Your Personal Assistant

Malcolm Jones, DevOps Engineer at Adobe - Behance

They go by many different names, but put simply chatbots are just programs that "converse" with users through artificial intelligence. Aside from being used in consumer-facing applications like customer service, chatbots can be incredibly helpful as a "personal assistant", allowing you to find almost anything you need without leaving your chat program.

Watch Malcolm Jones, DevOps Engineer at Behance (Adobe), show us how he configures Hubot (a chatbot) in Slack for all his chatops needs—from useful commands for team collaboration to MTA service updates and lunch preferences!

11 min watch · Tech

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