How Dev and Design Collaborate

Video Sections (total time: 14 minutes)

Adobe Year in Review Website
1m 52s
How they made it
2m 36s
Expressing the vision by prototyping
Finding the right look and feel with implementation
1m 33s
Creating the gradient
1m 20s
Trust, Proximity and Facemail
1m 57s
Development x Design Font
3m 33s

How Dev and Design Collaborate

Jeannie Huang, Product Designer and Jackie Balzer, Head of FrontEnd Development at Adobe - Behance

Designers and developers collaborate to bring websites to life, but when they're not in sync the whole process can get ugly.

In this class Jeannie Huang, Product Designer at Behance (Adobe), and Jackie Balzer, Head of Front End Development at Behance (Adobe), show you how they worked together to create a year-in-review webpage, plus the tools they used to make the collaboration run smoothly.

14 min watch · Design

About Adobe - Behance

Behance is the leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work. 

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