The Basics of Database Scaling

Video Sections (total time: 9 minutes)

Starting with a single DB
1m 48s
Segmenting multiple servers
1m 02s
Shard your data
1m 24s
NoSQL-Column family DBs
1m 00s
Problems & Challenges
3m 43s

The Basics of Database Scaling

Dallas Simpson, Data Architect at Adobe - Behance

When you start a new business, there may not be a need for multiple database servers. But as your business grows your data grows, leading to performance bottlenecks if you haven't scaled up accordingly.

In this video, Dallas Simpson, Data Architect at Behance (Adobe), explains the evolution of the data tier for web applications, best practices for data scaling and the potential problems and challenges you may face along the way.

9 min watch · Tech

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