A User's Guide to Adobe Portfolio

Video Sections (total time: 8 minutes)

What is Adobe Portfolio?
1m 45s
Showcased Published Portfolios
1m 16s
Objects driven by underlying data
1m 54s
Using a website container layout
1m 20s
Managing content and pages
1m 01s

A User's Guide to Adobe Portfolio

Joe Sepi Crane-Messina, Senior Software Developer at Adobe - Behance

In addition to providing some of the greatest, and most used, tools for creative professionals, Adobe also provides a platform for creative professionals to get the exposure they deserve. 

One of their newest tools to help showcase all that amazing work is Adobe Portfolio—a simple tool to help anyone build their own personalized website.

In this video Joe Sepi Crane-Messina, Sr. Software Engineer at Behance (Adobe), shows how easy it is to use Adobe Portfolio and some of the tech that powers it. 

8 min watch · Design

About Adobe - Behance

Behance is the leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work. 

The creative world updates their work in one place—allowing companies to explore and access talent on a global scale.