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An Intro to Behavioral Marketing

Video Sections (total time: 12 minutes)

Understanding Visitor Behaviour
The Focus of Behavioral Marketing
2m 11s
The Bottom of the Funnel
1m 30s
Targeting the Unknowns
2m 52s
How to Change the Experience
1m 52s
How Bounce Exchange Approaches Behavioral Marketing
2m 21s

An Intro to Behavioral Marketing

Dave Campbell: Sr. Director of Business Development & Kris Mobayeni: Sr. Director of Conversion Strategy at BounceX

What do people do when they’re shopping online? BounceX uses behavioral marketing to shape user experience.

12 min watch · Marketing

About BounceX

The ad-tech gurus at BounceX help the top 100 internet retailers (and more) reduce bounce rates as well as increase the time a user spends on a site. 

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