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How to Make Complicated Data Sets Accessible to Anyone

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Data Science at Chartbeat
1m 32s
Insights that Matter
4m 27s
Creating Campaign IQ
6m 25s
1m 16s
Troubleshooting: A Scalable SQL Query
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How to Make Complicated Data Sets Accessible to Anyone

Justin Mazur, Data Scientist at Chartbeat

Chartbeat's path to building their Campaign IQ product began with a question: Can we build an automated data scientist to find interesting stories hidden in customer data? The short answer is yes. The full answer is what data scientist, Justin Mazur, explains in this class. An excellent primer for those interested in what data science actually means at a startup, as well as a great example for those looking to pick up tricks of the trade.

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At any given second, Chartbeat is analyzing 3 billion odd bytes of data in real time. That makes sense when you consider their products help 80% of top publishers make decisions about their content. P.S. They're hiring.

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