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An Insider's Guide to Chartbeat Publishing

Video Sections (total time: 26 minutes)

The Chartbeat Realtime Dashboard
3m 22s
Understanding Audience and Content
6m 49s
Drilling Down: Topic, Platform, Location
4m 46s
Historical Perspective
4m 08s
Video Strategy
1m 43s
Paid Content and Ads
4m 49s

An Insider's Guide to Chartbeat Publishing

Nik Nadolski, Chartcorps Lead at Chartbeat

80% of US publishers use Chartbeat's Real-Time Dashboard. In this demo, Chartcorps Lead, Nik Nadolski, takes you inside Gizmodo's dashboard to demonstrate how Chartbeat measures and delivers meaningful content metrics.

26 min watch · Tech

About Chartbeat

At any given second, Chartbeat is analyzing 3 billion odd bytes of data in real time. That makes sense when you consider their products help 80% of top publishers make decisions about their content. P.S. They're hiring.

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