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Build a Powerful Personal Brand Online in 4 Steps

Video Sections (total time: 20 minutes)

1m 02s
Owning Your Name
4m 47s
What You're Known For
3m 52s
Borrowing Brand Equity
2m 11s
Creating Content
6m 16s
Why Work on Your Personal Brand
1m 59s

Build a Powerful Personal Brand Online in 4 Steps

Shane Snow, Chief Creative Officer at Contently

Shane Snow's personal brand has helped him become a best-selling author, co-founder of a fast-growing company, web journalist with 175k LinkedIn followers, Forbes 30 Under 30 (Media), and Inc Magazine 30 Under 30. In this guide, Shane reveals some of the tactics that you can apply to growing your own online brand as he has.

20 min watch · Marketing

About Contently

At Contently, they believe in the power of great storytelling. Founded in 2011 by Joe Coleman, Dave Goldberg, and Shane Snow, the mission is to help brands create engaging, accountable content that drives business results.

Contently has become the content marketing solution of choice for the world’s most valuable brands. ContentlyOne is the industry’s only product that fuses art with science, integrating technology, talent, and strategy into one unified approach for achieving content mastery.

Plus they have more than a few office dogs and a secret meeting room.