Why Empathy is The Most Important Skill in Tech

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Why is Empathy so Important?
What is Empathy?
4 Critical Components of Empathy
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Exercises to Develop Empathy
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Why Empathy is The Most Important Skill in Tech

Sarah Birdsong, Therapist at Dev Bootcamp

When Dev Bootcamp was deciding what to teach future developers, they talked to a ton of hiring managers and HR reps in tech. They asked what skills were most important when thinking about hiring someone, and across the board they talked about soft skills. 

As Sarah Birdsong, a therapist at Dev Bootcamp in New York, explains in this class, they kept hearing the same thing: "We can teach the tech, but most team projects fail not because of a lack of technical skills but because of a lack of interpersonal ones.”

And as it turns out, empathy, just like coding, is something you can learn. In this class, Sarah walks through exercises anyone can do to increase their empathy.

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