An Intro to Tech Literacy

Video Sections (total time: 12 minutes)

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1m 40s
First Steps
Front End vs. Back End
1m 52s
Web Frameworks
1m 15s
Choosing a Framework
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1m 30s
Which Database Tech Should You Learn?
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An Intro to Tech Literacy

Steven Cassidy, Instructor at Dev Bootcamp

Whether you're thinking about taking the leap and learning to become a developer, or just interested in better understanding the tech you use everyday, it's great to develop tech literacy. 

In this class, Steven Cassidy walks through the three major components you'll hear about in web development:

  1. Front-End Development
  2. Back End Development
  3. Database Engineering

It's a helpful primer for anyone without a technical background.

12 min watch · Career

About Dev Bootcamp

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