Building Great Products With Limited Time and Resources

Video Sections (total time: 16 minutes)

The Role of a Product Manager
1m 39s
The Four Types of Constraints
1m 38s
3 Ways to Approach Constraints
1m 29s
A Mental Framework Evaluation
1m 30s
The Mindset
1m 00s
The Method
4m 34s
The Motivation
2m 42s
Creating Abundance
1m 55s

Building Great Products With Limited Time and Resources

Michael Dobbertin, Product Manager at Fiverr

Constraints exist in any project—whether it's the obvious ones like cost or time limits, to the less obvious foundation or method constraints, but it's how you manage them that takes you from being a good product manager to being a great one.

In this class, Michael Dobbertin, Product Manager at Fiverr, goes over the mindset, method, and motivation you can use to turn your product constraints into assets.

16 min watch · Design

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