How to Build a Local Market Strategy in 3 Simple Steps

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What is a Local Market Strategy
1m 06s
Finding Your Demo
2m 15s
Building a Marketing Mix
2m 11s
Making Your Impressions Count
2m 13s
Sweater Party: A Fiverr Case Study
3m 20s

How to Build a Local Market Strategy in 3 Simple Steps

Tek Kim, Business Development at Fiverr

Local market strategy can be broken down into two areas - one for new markets and one for expanding within current markets.

Companies generally follow a playbook when expanding to a new market, but within a current market, the challenges and opportunities for creativity are much greater.

In this class, Tek Kim, explains the local market strategy that Fiverr employs for established markets and gives an example of one of their incredibly successful campaigns - the Sweater Party.

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