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Creating a Product Roadmap Using the Kano Model

Video Sections (total time: 7 minutes)

What is The Kano Model?
1m 08s
The Kano Model Features
2m 31s
Applying the Kano Model at Grindr
Determining Categories for Your Features
1m 18s
Prioritizing by Category

Creating a Product Roadmap Using the Kano Model

Quan Duong, Product Manager at Grindr

When you're building a product, there's rarely a shortage of ideas for what's next. But, when it comes to actually deciding which new product feature is most important, choosing wisely can mean the difference in making your product successful.

In this class, Quan Duong, Product Manager at Grindr, explains how to use the Kano Model when creating a product roadmap. 

7 min watch · Design

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