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IBM x Uncubed at IBM

Help our agent Allison break into The Vault in this online interactive game by cracking six digital locks.

The game will test your logical and analytical skills. You'll need to think outside the box to place among the 75 best and get a chance to win a trip to our Cambridge IBM Research Center.

1 min watch · Tech

About IBM

IBM is a global cognitive and cloud computing company that is reinventing what’s possible for industries and individuals. They are extending the relationship between humans and technology across industries like healthcare, education, retail, sports, finance, fashion, and advertising to truly transform the world for all of us.

What can you do at IBM?

You can innovate breakthroughs that have a life-changing impact. You can explore new industries, technologies, and jobs - all within one organization. You can be agile, experimental, and entrepreneurial - backed by the expertise and resources of a Fortune 100 company. And you can be part of an ever-evolving, inclusive, and collaborative culture with the support of over 380,000 colleagues. Embrace the pattern-seeing, patent-blazing, future-shaping you. This is you to the power of IBM.

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