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How to use a Cover Letter to Get the Interview

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Critical Tips
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How to use a Cover Letter to Get the Interview

Ash Hogan, Director of Talent Acquisition at Intent Media

When done right, a cover letter can really help your application stand out. In this class, Ash Hogan, Director of Talent Acquisition at Intent Media, gives you a recruiters' view of cover letters.

He talks through common mistakes and best practices—giving you the tips you need to move from application to interview. 

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We operate in more than 40 countries with hundreds of airline, hotel, car rental, online travel agency and meta-search partners around the globe, including 9 of the top 10 OTAs and meta-search sites in North America. We’re over 100 people strong, with offices in NYC (HQ) and London.

Every day, we’re inspired by two pursuits. First, we’re building novel products that are upending e-commerce. Second, we’re building the company we’ve always wanted to work for — one that’s open, human and collaborative, where very smart people come together to share ideas and get things done.

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