How to Run an Expert UX Review in 8 steps

Video Sections (total time: 15 minutes)

1m 01s
1. How does it look?
1m 19s
2. Does it flow?
3. Is it engaging?
2m 37s
4. Does it make sense?
1m 41s
5. Is it helpful?
2m 01s
6. Is it valuable?
1m 21s
7. Is it conversational?
8. Is it repeatable?
2m 00s
Now what?
1m 13s

How to Run an Expert UX Review in 8 steps

Scott Pobiner, Vice President and Jack Cole, Director of Design at Motivate Design

In this class Scott Pobiner and Jack Cole of Motivate Design, show you how to run a UX review. 

Using our very own Uncubed.com as an example, they go step by step through their UX process. They detail what to evaluate in each step, and how to uncover opportunities to create a better user experience at every turn. 

15 min watch · Design

About Motivate Design

Founded in 2009, Motivate Design helps organizations like Jet.com and MTV understand their customers and create amazing UX.