How to Write Amazing Job Descriptions

Video Sections (total time: 10 minutes)

Job Titles
1m 02s
Describing the Role
1m 47s
Describing the Company Culture
Describing the Candidate
3m 22s
How to Get Started
Attracting the Right Candidates
2m 09s

How to Write Amazing Job Descriptions

Lois Siegel, Director of Recruiting and Jesse McBride, Senior UX Recruiter at Motivate Design

As pretty much everyone who's ever tried it knows, writing a job description is hard—but it's essential to attracting the right candidates.

In this class, Lois and Jesse walk you through the most critical elements of a good job description—how to choose the right title; how to describe the role, the company and the candidate; and how getting it right will take your hiring process to the next level. 

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