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How to Make Collaborative Product Testing Easier

Video Sections (total time: 15 minutes)

Typical Software Dev Workflow
2m 46s
What Cucumber Does Differently
Example: Critter
Automatic Feature Tests
2m 42s
Verifying Detailed Behavior
1m 22s
Collaborative Testing
1m 31s
Implementing Feedback
1m 01s
Changing and Verifying Behaviors
2m 37s
1m 03s

How to Make Collaborative Product Testing Easier

Kevin Goslar, VP of Engineering at Originate

A software development workflow can be cumbersome. First, product experts lay out specifications, describing how features are supposed to look and behave. Then, developers build, and testers verify that it works at expected.

Software testing can be cumbersome, too. Because tests are written as real software products, using source code, it’s hard for non-tech people to read and understand.

To make the entire product testing process easier, Originate utilizes Cucumber. It allows everyone to write test programs in plain English, so anyone can understand, augment, or edit.

In this class, Kevin demonstrates how it works using a Twitter clone called Critter, and shows how it allows the Originate team to collaborate and develop more efficiently.

15 min watch · Tech

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